Swarovski Baroque Pearl 5840 8mm Light Grey Beads

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Swarovski Baroque Pearl 5840 8mm Light Grey Beads

Swarovski Baroque Pearl 8mm Light Grey 5pcs

Beads per pack : 5    Measurement : 8mm    Total Weight : 6g

Swarovski Baroque Pearl 5840 8mm Light Grey Beads
Swarovski Crystal Pearls are made around a crystal core. Using the Swarovski Pearl coating, the crystal core is coated giving it a natural pearl lustre. This is why they are call Crystal Pearls. The Crystal core gives Swarovski Pearls an inner glow unlike regular synthetic pearls. One of the benefits of using Swarovski pearls to natural pearls is that it is consistnet in size, shape and colour. Swarovski Crystal Pearls are extremely durable and is resistant to perspiration, UV rays, perfumes and scratches. Swarovski Baroque Pearl 5840 8mm Light Grey Beads eye catching shape will add a sense of uniqueness to your jewellery pieces. Swarovski products sold on BeadCharm are guaranted 100% genuine and are priced competitively because they are all sourced directly from Swarovski.

Pricing Packets Price/Pack
Retail 1-4 packs 2.95 AUD
Bulk (10%) 5+ packs 2.66 AUD
Wholesale (20%) 20+ packs AUD

Packets : (40 In Stock)

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Genuine Swarovski Genuine Swarovski Crystals Guaranteed
BeadCharm is an official Swarovski Create Your Style partner. All Swarovski crystals, beads, flatbacks, hotfix are source directly from Swarovski and are 100% genuine Swarovski Crystals.

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