Swarovski Butterfly 5754 6mm Peridot

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Swarovski Butterfly 5754 6mm Peridot

Swarovski Butterfly 6mm Peridot 4pcs

Beads per pack : 4    Measurement : 6mm    Total Weight : 4g

Swarovski Butterfly 5754 6mm Peridot
Many manufacturers create crystal beads, but none have yet achieved the level of precision cutting and polishing of Swarovski Beads. Swarovski crystals beads are cut to an extremely high-precision which combined with their high lead content makes them extremely sparkly Swarovski Crystal Shape Beads are crystal beads cut into the shape of various objects. BeadCharm Swarovski Shape Beads range consist of Butterfly, Flower and Heart shape beads. Swarovski's unique Swarovski Butterfly 5754 6mm Peridot is meticulously cut into it's faceted shape BeadCharm is an authorized reseller of Swarovski Crystals products and guarantees that all Swarovski products sold are 100% genuine.

Genuine Swarovski Genuine Swarovski Crystals Guaranteed
BeadCharm is an official Swarovski Create Your Style partner guaranting 100% genuine Swarovski crystals.

Pricing Packets Price/Pack
Retail 1-4 packs 1.98 AUD
Bulk (10%) 5+ packs 1.78 AUD
Wholesale (20%) 20+ packs AUD

Packets : (40 In Stock)

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Genuine Swarovski® Genuine Swarovski® Crystals & Beads
BeadCharm is a Swarovski® Authorised Retailer and Create Your Style partner. All Swarovski® crystals, beads, flatbacks, hotfix are sourced directly from Swarovski® and are 100% genuine.

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