Miyuki Delica DB0011 Metallic Olive Seed Beads

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Miyuki Delica DB0011 Metallic Olive Seed Beads

Miyuki Delica 11 0011 Metallic Olive 3g

Beads per pack : 550-600    Measurement : 1.6mm    Total Weight : 5g

Miyuki Delica DB0011 Metallic Olive Seed Beads
The Miyuki Company in Japan manufacture Delica beadsMiyuki Delica DB0011 Metallic Olive Seed Beads beads come in a large hole and is uniformed in size and shape.

Miyuki Delica DB0011 Metallic Olive Seed Beads goes really well with Swarovski Crystal Beads.

They are perfect for off-loom stitches such as brick or peyote because of their uniformity and the large holes allow for multiple thread passes through each bead.Miyuki Delica seed beads comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. The range of Delica colours is legendary.

Pricing Packets Price/Pack
Retail 1-4 packs 3.90 AUD
Bulk (10%) 5+ packs 3.51 AUD
Wholesale (20%) 20+ packs AUD

Packets : (25 In Stock)

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